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Jersey Pottery

The Jersey Pottery was founded in 1946 by Charles and Edward Potter, who realised that despite a ban on the production of decorative ceramics throughout the Second World War in Britain, this law didn’t apply in Jersey. This loophole helped the business get off to a good start, but by the time these restrictions had been lifted in Britain in the 1950s, this increase in competition caused the business to start running at a loss.

The business was then sold to Clive and Jessie Jones in 1954. With the help of their daughter, Carol, they transformed the company by marketing the wares to the increasing number of tourists who were visiting the island. They opened up the factory to visitors, who were able to watch the items being made.

The business expanded into hospitality owing to the number of visitors, opening a coffee shop in 1960 and a restaurant in 1970. Both aspects of the business continued to grow, but by the millennium tourists were travelling further afield and so the decline in visitors meant fewer sales. The catering side continued to grow, and the pottery changed the output to fewer, higher-quality pieces.

The original restaurant and the Gorey pottery factory closed in 2010 due to escalating costs. Pottery production was moved to Lincolnshire.

By 2020, the company had ceased pottery production completely and has now focused on the hospitality side of the business.

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