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James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd

The firm of Broadhurst & Sons of Longton was founded in 1847 and settled at the Crown Works in Longton, Staffordshire in around 1854. In 1870 it moved to the Portland Pottery Works in Fenton, Staffordshire, where it remained until 1983.

In 1939, the company was renamed ‘James Broadhurst & Sons (1939) Ltd’.

By 1928, Peter Roper had joined the firm as the Managing Director, and gained experience by working in all departments at the works. By 1947 he had installed a gas-fired glost tunnel oven, which would help modernise the production process and increase their weekly output.

The company was always busy and used the mottos ‘Cheap and Cheerful’ and ‘Beauty on a Budget’ to promote their wares.

The most notable designer at the company was Kathie Winkle, who joined in April of 1950 as a paintress, having previously worked for Shorter & Sons. By 1958 she was offered the opportunity to design on a full-time basis. She retired from the company in 1992.

In 1965 Broadhurst purchased Sampson Bridgwood & Sons Ltd, who were based at the Anchor Works in Longton. The acquisition helped to expand their hotelware production, as the factory was much larger and had recently undergone some modernisation.

By 1973 the two companies had a workforce of 630 and a turnover of about £1.5 million. The following year they purchased the Crown Clarence Works in Longton.

In 1984 the companies underwent restructuring and were renamed Churchill China.

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