‘Breweriana’ is the term used to describe items relating to breweries or brand names and the hobby of collecting them.

The market for breweriana is expansive and includes not only beer and ale breweries but also distilleries for spirits such as gin and whisky, vineyards, and other types of liquor. Famous items sought after by collectors include memorabilia displaying the Guinness Toucan, the Scottie dogs from the ‘Black and White Scotch Whisky’ campaign, and of course the iconic Babycham chamois.

Legacy Antiques stocks a wide range of breweriana, including stoneware bottles, jugs, soda siphons, glasses, ashtrays, tankards and bottle openers. Ocassionally, we come across signs, coasters, bar ornaments and other more unusual objects such as posters and postcards relating to a brand. These more obscure pieces are highly sought after by collectors.

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