Ewenny Pottery

The pottery at Ewenny has existed in one form or another since around 1800. The area was popular with potters as the materials needed for this craft could be found in the surrounding countryside.

David John Jenkins bought the already-established pottery from his cousin in 1921. He is responsible for developing the glazing technique that Ewenny Pottery is famous for today.

The onset of the Second World War saw many workers leave to join the war effort, and so David John Jenkins was left to run the pottery alone. He was only permitted to fire up the kilns very occasionally, as they would have been visible in the night sky.

Like so many other businesses, the post-war period proved very difficult financially, and so the pottery underwent a period of modernisation to increase output and bring down costs.

David’s sons Arthur and Dai continued to run the pottery until 1976 when they retired. Arthur’s son, Alun, took over the pottery but the existing premises were not financially viable, so production moved to Alun’s garage in Ewenny. A new workshop was subsequently built on the site of one of the old kilns.

With the help of his wife, Jayne, they have kept the pottery in business and have been joined by their daughter Caitlin.

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