Bay Keramik

Bay Keramik was founded by Eduard Bay in 1933 in Ransbach-Baumbach, which lies in the heart of the ‘Kannenbäckerland’, which translates as ‘potters land’.

By the 1950s, Bay had become one of the top producers of commercial ‘art pottery’, with the help of designers such as Bodo Mans, Lu Klopfer, and A. Seide.

In 1966, Bay developed the ‘Römertopf’, an unglazed earthenware cooking pot, based on those used in ancient Roman kitchens. It became available to the public at the Hanover Fair in 1967 and became a staple line for the company for decades.

Their art pottery output declined as fashions changed and by 1997 the rights to the Römertopf had been sold to Römertopf Keramik GMBH.

Bay Keramik ceased production in 1998.

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