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Alfred Meakin (Ltd)

Alfred Meakin established his business in 1875 and was based at the Royal Albert, Victoria and Highgate Potteries in Tunstall, Staffordshire.

Alfred was the younger brother of James and George, who ran the firm J & G Meakin.

Alfred Meakin died in 1904 and was succeeded by his son, Alfred James Meakin. Just four years later Alfred James died and his uncle, Robert Johnson, bought the potteries. He retained the name ‘Alfred Meakin’ but this was updated to ‘Alfred Meakin (Tunstall) Ltd’ in 1913.

The company continued production during World War Two by supplying simple domestic wares to the public and the British Armed Forces canteens.

In 1969, the American corporation Interpace decided to expand their business to the European market, and so acquired Alfred Meakin (Tunstall) Ltd and another company, Myott & Sons Ltd.

Alfred Meakin (Tunstall) Ltd was sold in 1974 by Interpace and merged with Myott & Sons Ltd to become Myott-Meakin in 1976.

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