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Walsh Glass

The Walsh Company was started in 1850 by the entrepreneur John Walsh Walsh. Originally, he was involved in the manufacture of soda water, and following the removal of excise duties in 1845 there were more opportunities to expand the existing glass businesses. In 1850, Walsh purchased a factory with the intention of manufacturing soda water bottles, the first Walsh registered design being recorded on the 9th July 1853 for a soda bottle. After he died in 1864, the company was divided between his six living children.

In 1879, his son, also John Walsh Walsh, died and the executors decided to sell the business. Ellen Eliza Walsh (a daughter of the founder) had married a successful Birmingham businessman Thomas Walker, and persuaded him to buy the family business, securing long-term family ownership. Walker expanded the business with revolutionary designs and a variety of cut glass tableware.

The Walsh Company continued in business until 1951 when economic restraints resulting from the Second World War forced its closure.

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