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Arthur Wood ‘Pearl’ Art Deco Stepped Teapot with Marbled Orange and Cream Glaze

Arthur Wood ‘Pearl’ Art Deco Stepped Teapot with Marbled Orange and Cream Glaze

Wood’s Ware ‘Beryl’ Design Teapot (1 ¾ Pints)

Wood’s Ware ‘Beryl’ Design Teapot (1 ¾ Pints)

SylvaC Anniversary Teapot in Pink No. 5449

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This is a highly attractive vintage teapot designed for commemorative purposes by SylvaC.

The teapot has a short galleried rim that is silvered around the edge. The body is approximately rounded, tapering in towards the silver discoid base. The body is incised with four heart-shaped panels that are edged with silver. Two panels contain a pair of silver bells, with foliage and red ribbon. One panel contains the short tapering spout; below the silvered lip there is a straight silver line flanked on either side by a curved line. On the opposing side, the final panel contains the curved handle. This is edged in silver and decorated with a stripe down the handle. Between the upper and lower attachment of the handle there is a single red rose motif. Between adjacent panels there are blazes of moulded vertical lines. The whole is glazed in a pale pink colour. The underside of the base is impressed with the number ‘5449’ and marked with the words ‘SYLVAC WARE MADE IN ENGLAND’.

The lid has a short galleried rim with a semi-circular tab for insertion in to the teapot. The upper portion is in the shape of a bell. There is a band of moulded arches that are surmounted by a ring of silver. Above this is a plain panel, followed by a smaller silver ring and a band of arches and dots. The apex is of looped form and is decorated in silver.

The teapot has a maximum height (including the lid) of approximately 17.4cm, with a diameter across the rim of about 9.4cm and across the base of about 7.9cm.

It is in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks, although the glaze is crazed all over.

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