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J & G Meakin Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (1953) Commemorative Ceramic Mug

J & G Meakin Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (1953) Commemorative Ceramic Mug

Porcelain Spill Vase with Transfer Printed Scene of King's College Chapel (Cambridge) c.1830

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This is a handsome and unusual spill vase dating to the late Regency period.

The vase is of classic trumpet form, with a flared galleried rim. This is moulded on the edge with a band of raised dots; this surmounts a circumferential band of gilding.

Below this, the body is transfer printed with the words 'King's College Chapel' beneath an image of the chapel itself. This image was taken from an original line engraving by R. W. Smart in 1826, after R. B. Harraden. You can view the engraving online via The Wellcome Collection

The base of the body is moulded with another band of raised dots, bordered above and below by a band of gilding. This surmounts a waisted portion before the thickened, plinth-like base. This also bears a broad band of gilding around the base. 

The underside of the vase is recessed in the centre and unmarked.

The vase has a height of approximately 12.8cm, with a diameter across the rim of about 11.8cm and across the base of about 7.6cm.

It has an unwrapped weight of 370g. 

It is in fair condition, with some small chips around the base. There is also some wear to the gilding at the rim and around the base. The transfer print has suffered some scratches, which can be seen in the pictures. This wear is reflected in the price. 

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