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Gebrüder Benedikt of Czechoslovakia Art Deco Style Tea Cup c.1920s

Gebrüder Benedikt of Czechoslovakia Art Deco Style Tea Cup c.1920s

1950s Izida of Bulgaria Abstract Triangular Ashtray

1950s Izida of Bulgaria Abstract Triangular Ashtray

Early 19th Century French ‘Old Paris’ Porcelain Spill Vase with Floral Motif c.1810

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This is a stunning example of a porcelain spill vase, probably French in origin and dating to around 1810.

The spill vase has a beaded rim and a galleried upper portion. There is a fine protruding band above a short tapering section. This surmounts the central cylindrical section. Below this is are four unusual winged lion head motifs that mount it to the cross-like plinth base. There are four bands of gilding around the piece; below the rim, above and below the central column, and around the base. The central column has been hand painted with a stylised floral motif in blue, green, yellow, pink, and gold.
The base is domed in the centre and unmarked.

I believe that the winged lion featured at the base of this spill vase is in reference to the Lion of Venice. Napoleon conquered the Republic of Venice in 1797, and after transportation and extensive restoration, the Lion was repositioned at the Place des Invalides (Paris) in 1804. During the downfall of the Napoleonic Empire, the statue was repatriated to Venice. It was badly damaged during removal and once again had to undergo repairs before it could be redisplayed on the original column in 1816. It has been an iconic symbol of the city of Venice and St Mark since the 12th century.

Pieces such as this are often credited with Egyptian influence, due to Napoleon’s campaigns in Egypt and Syria from 1798 to 1801. Egyptian iconography often depicts lion-human hybrids, such as the Sphinx, and Tutu, but they have human heads and lion’s bodies.

This vase has a height of approximately 10.9cm, with a diameter across the rim of about 5.5cm and a maximum width across the base of about 5.2cm.

It is in good condition, with one very small chip on the underside of the base (see photographs). This wear is very minimal and is to be expected from a piece of this age.

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