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Retro Royal Doulton ‘Marbella’ Design Ceramic Coffee Pot in Brown

Retro Royal Doulton ‘Marbella’ Design Ceramic Coffee Pot in Brown

Wimborne Pottery Coffee Pot and Four Matching Coffee Cups in Green and Grey

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This is a stylish example of a coffee pot and matching cup set by Wimborne Pottery.

The coffee pot is of angular form, with a high ‘waist’ at the junction with the spout and handle. The interior, spout, and handle are all glazed in a pale grey. The body is glazed with a vertical striped black and green wax-resist motif over the grey underglaze. The base is glazed in grey and is unmarked. The lid is of discoid form, with an elongated waisted knop. There is a small incised hole on one side for the expulsion of steam.

Each cup echoes the design of the coffee pot, with a high waist, grey interior and handle, and the same was-resist motif on the exterior. The base of each cup is glazed in grey but unmarked.

The coffee pot has a height (including the lid) of approximately 27.0cm, with a diameter across the rim of about 9.7cm and across the base of about 10.0cm. Each cup has a height of approximately 7.2cm, with a diameter across the rim of about 7.6cm and across the base of about 7.0cm.

It is in good condition, with some minor crazing to the glaze and one very small flake of glaze missing from the rim of the lid of the coffee pot. Although this damage is only visible on close inspection, it is reflected in the price.

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