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Early 20th Century Small Pink Lustre Souvenir Teapot from Weymouth

Early 20th Century Small Pink Lustre Souvenir Teapot from Weymouth

Studio Pottery Teapot in Grey with Stylised Foliate Motif (TT Monogram)

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This is a charming and highly attractive example of a studio pottery teapot, maker unknown. 

The teapot is of classic form, with a flattened globular body that tapers in towards the base. The short spot has been drawn out of the body, and the strap-like handle has been separately applied. It is decorated with concentric bands of inky blue around the aperture. The body is glazed in a speckled grey, which has a stylised foliate motif in blue and brown. There are some areas of the body showing through within this motif. There are two further concentric rings of blue and a thickened one of brown just above the base. The latter is unglazed, revealing the underlying ceramic body to be dark beige in colour.

The lid is of discoid form with a central drawn flattened knop. It is also glazed in brown and grey. There is a small hole off centre to allow for the escape of steam.

The piece is impressed below the lowermost attachment for the handle. It appears to be ‘TT’ within a circle. This mark is similar to that used by Tricia Thom, but having spoken to the artist she confirms it is not a piece of her work. 

It has a maximum height (to the spout) of approximately 12.6cm, with a diameter across the top of about 6.5cm and across the base of about 6.9cm.

It is in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks.

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