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Pair of Glass Atelier Morava Czech Liqueur Glasses in Original Box

Pair of Glass Atelier Morava Czech Liqueur Glasses in Original Box

Set of Six Karolinka (Bohemia) Lead Crystal Etched and Gilded Small Wine Glasses

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This is a set of good-quality moulded lead crystal wine glasses from the Karolinka Glassworks, which was one of a group incorporated under the Moravské Sklárny Corporation.

Each glass has a rounded bowl that tapers in slightly at the rim. The latter is decorated with a thick band of gilding, which surmounts a band of floral and scroll motifs that have been machine etched and gilded. I have seen this design described as 'Etoile' and also 'Queen's Lace' elsewhere online but the stemware shapes tend to be different. 

The bowl sits on an elongated cylindrical stem which has been moulded. The foot is plain and slightly domed in the centre. They are unmarked. One glass bears the original silver paper label, which bears the company logo and the word 'KAROLINKA'. 

Each glass has a height of approximately 16.9cm, with a diameter across the rim of about 5.8cm and across the foot of about 6.6cm.

Each glass has a liquid capacity (to the brim) of 175ml.

They have an unwrapped weight of 750g. 

They are in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks. 

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SKU LAC000584
Liquid Capacity 150-200ml
Original Packaging No

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