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Highly Cut British Lead Crystal Wine Decanter

Highly Cut British Lead Crystal Wine Decanter

Pair of Early 20th Century Tall Blaze and Diamond Cut Lead Crystal Spirit Decanters c.1910

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This is a striking pair of tall spirit decanters, maker unknown but dating to the first quarter of the 20th century.

The flattened rim merges with the elongated neck; at their junction are four bladed step cuts. The neck is cut with ten facets, which widen out as they approach the shoulder. About halfway down the neck are three incised rings surmounting a band of fine raised diamonds and an undulating blaze of wedge cuts. The flattened globular body is decorated in a similar way, with five stepped circumferential rings above a broad band of raised diamonds. The widest point of the body is decorated with a ring of undulating blaze cutting that forms swags. The body sits on a thickened, discoid base, which is needle cut around the edge and polished flat in the centre. They are unmarked.

The hollow-blown stopper has a hexagonally petal cut apex. The edge is decorated with a band of raised diamonds, and below this there are six further petals. The peg is solid.

At some stage in their life, the decanters have been professionally cleaned with hydrofluoric acid. This means that the cutting is a little less crisp, and that some of the wear and tear scratches on the bases and bodies are emphasised as they’ve been acid dipped.

Each decanter has a height of approximately 36.2cm, with a diameter across the rim of about 4.6cm and across the base of about 8.5cm.

They are in good condition, with some minor nicks within the cutting. As previously mentioned, they’ve been acid dipped at some stage although this is not immediately obvious. The enclosed air bubble in one stopper extends right up to the edge of the apex, with a small opening where a bubble burst during it’s manufacture. This means that the stopper needs special attention when cleaning as it will take water in if submerged. This wear is reflected in the price.

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