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Barge Ware

Barge Ware or 'Canal Art' is a form of British folk art that is thought to have been conceived at the peak of the Industrial Revolution.

It is unclear what the origins of Barge Ware are; the traditional 'Roses and Castles' style of decoration was popular  in the mid-19th century as a way of drawing attention to the barges and narrowboats as their popularity was waning due to the increasing development of the railways as a method of goods transportation.

At this time, it was commonplace to see boats with gleaming metalwork, woodwork with mouldings picked out in bold colours and every utensil decorated with stunning florals motifs and country scenes. This style remained popular within the narrowboat community long after fashions changed in 19th century Britain and is now considered traditional folk art.

Legacy Antiques exclusively stocks a selection of handpainted items by a local Wiltshire artist. Each vintage and antique piece is carefully selected and painted in the traditional 'Roses and Castles' style.