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Antique Tableware for Sale Online

Metal has been a popular, durable medium for thousands of years, and its use has continued to flourish right up to the present day.

Solid silver pieces are more expensive than their plated equivalents, and are valued not only on their weight but their historical and intrinsic value. Silver inkwells, cutlery, sugar tongs and decanter labels can be found in the ‘Silverware’ category.

Nickel silver is believed to have originated from China and was introduced to Europe sometime in the 16th century. The development of electroplating in mid-19th century ensured its wide spread popularity and it became known as ‘EPNS’ or ‘electro-plated nickel silver’.

The turn of the 19th to 20th century brought with it the Art Nouveau period. Iconic metalware was produced by companies like Liberty with input from famous designers such as Archibald Knox. Legacy Antiques offers a selection of pewter wares from ranges like Tudric.

The mid-20th century saw an interest in simple alloy metals such as chrome and steel. These metals were used in all elements of everyday life, from candlesticks and soda siphons, to the famous Old Hall brushed steel stemware. Many of these items are stocked by Legacy Antiques.