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1930s Yellow Amphora Shaped Glass Scent Bottle

1930s Yellow Amphora Shaped Glass Scent Bottle

Highly Cut Lead Crystal Scent Bottle c.1830

Highly Cut Lead Crystal Scent Bottle c.1830

Late Victorian Decanter Shaped Cut Lead Crystal Scent or Perfume Bottle c.1890

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This is a simple but elegant example of a cut lead crystal scent or perfume bottle, maker unknown but dating to the latter part of the 19th century.

The bottle is designed to look like a square spirit decanter. It has a wide polished out rim and then angles in towards the stopper. Below the rim the neck of the bottle is faceted. There are four large facets and four smaller facets; the latter sweep down towards the corners of the bottle. The shoulder has a small step. The corners are chamfered and polished so that the bottle is octagonal in section; these are continuous with the smaller facets on the shoulder.

The base is polished out but the central portion is slightly rough and irregular.

The stopper is slightly flattened and the top is polished flat and hexagonal in shape. There is a facet extending downwards from each of the sides of this regular hexagon. Each facet is curved at its lower edge. There is a small collar beneath the top and the neck is waisted before flaring out to the peg.

It has a maximum height (including the stopper) of approximately 11.7cm, and a maximum width across the base of about 4.1cm.

It is in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks.

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