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Tudor Crystal Cross and Lattice Cut Lead Crystal Brandy Glass

Tudor Crystal Cross and Lattice Cut Lead Crystal Brandy Glass

Late 19th Century Bohemian Yellow and White Marbled Glass Jug

Late 19th Century Bohemian Lemon Yellow and White Spatter Glass Jug

Franz Welz Czechoslovakian Yellow and White Spatter Glass Vase

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This is a striking example of a glass vase produced in Czechoslovakia by Franz Welz.

The vase is made from three layers – an inner yellow layer over which has been applied a white marbled layer. The whole is encased in a layer of flint glass.

The upper portion of the vase is cylindrical, below which is a large bulbous portion. This tapers in and then flares out again above a discoid portion. Above the discoid portion are two faint stripes of gilding. Below the disc, there is a further short cylindrical portion and then the vase tapers into an elongated stem. This widens out to create a stepped base. There is a band of gilding at the edge of the first ‘step’, although this is quite worn.

The base is plain and slightly domed in the centre.

It has a height of approximately 18.2cm, with a diameter at the rim of about 7.4cm and across the base of about 8.5cm. It has an unwrapped weight of 320g. 

It is in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks, although there are a few enclosed bubbles and some wear to the gilding, as previously mentioned. There are also some open bubbles at the rim that have some dirt in them. These are so fine that they are not easy to clean. This is only visible when viewing that side of the vase. 

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