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1950s Art Deco Style Striped and Frosted Spirit Decanter and Two Matching Glasses

1950s Art Deco Style Striped and Frosted Spirit Decanter and Two Matching Glasses

Czechoslovakian Blue Flash Glass Wine Decanter c.1930s

Czechoslovakian Blue Flash Glass Wine Decanter c.1930s

Early 20th Century Highly Cut Lead Crystal Small Liqueur Decanter

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This is a stunning example of a cut lead crystal spirit bottle, probably British in origin and dating to the first quarter of the 20th century.

The decanter has a straight rim and an elongated neck. This is cut just below the rim with eight panels; these sit on a circumferential panel consisting of three rows of eight interlocking diamond-shaped facets. Below this there is a stepped cut, followed by eight facets. This repeats just below and terminates at a band of eight larger diamond-shaped facets. The ‘shoulder’ of the decanter is cut with two circumferential steps above the globular body. This is cut with a complex design consisting of five rows of eight diamond-shaped panels formed from wedge cuts; each diamond contains a vertical cross cut. These diminish in size as they approach the base. The latter sits on a thickened discoid portion, which is star cut in the centre and unmarked.

The stopper is of hollow spire form, with eight kite-shaped panels that meet at the apex. These are horizontally overcut with a band of three wedges. Below the kites is a band of staggered diamond-shaped facets; between each diamond are facets that extends down to meet the peg.

It has a maximum height (including the stopper) of approximately 24.9cm, with a diameter across the rim of about 2.9cm and across the base of about 5.8cm.

It is in good condition, although there are a couple of very small chips within the cutting on the stopper and the decanter. These are only visible on close inspection and do not detract from the piece in any way.

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