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Pair of Dartington Crystal 'Bar Excellence' Design Flute Champagne Glasses ST2082/3/P with Original Stickers

Pair of Dartington Crystal 'Bar Excellence' Design Flute Champagne Glasses ST2082/3/P with Original Stickers

Dartington Crystal 'Bar Excellence' Design Flute Champagne Glass ST2082/3/P with Original Sticker

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This is a good quality British flute champagne glass from the 'Bar Excellence' range by Dartington Crystal.

The glass has an elongated tapering bowl that merges with the solid, straight stem. There is a discoid collar at the junction with the plain, flat foot. The latter is unmarked.

It bears the original label, which reads 'DARTINGTON CRYSTAL HANDMADE' above a stylised Union Flag emblem. This label is slightly faded.

These glasses are still in production and retail at £55 per pair on the Dartington website

It has a height of approximately 27.4cm, with a diameter across the rim of about 5.4cm and across the foot of about 6.6cm. It has a liquid capacity (to the brim) of 180ml.

It has an unwrapped weight of 160g. 

It is in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks. 

At Legacy Antiques and Collectibles, we pride ourselves on our in-depth descriptions and highly accurate measurements. Unlike other replacement companies, we measure our stemware in metric (not imperial) units. This gives highly accurate dimensions and means that you, the customer, can find the best match for your existing collection. We also mention any differences in manufacturer’s marks, whether a piece is or isn’t marked, and what variation of the mark is used so that you can choose the one you feel best matches your set. Most stemware has been handmade; there will be variation in the conformation from batch to batch, but we feel that you will get the best replacement if we treat each piece as ‘unique’.

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SKU LAC000435
Liquid Capacity 150-200ml
Original Packaging No

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