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Cinque Ports Pottery

Cinque Ports Pottery was originally founded in 1956 by David Sharp (formally of Rye Pottery) and his friend George Gray. It was initially named 'Rye Art Pottery' but after a threat of legal action from Rye Pottery they changed the name to Cinque Ports Pottery. Within a few years they had expanded and became a limited company; however, in 1964 the two men parted company due to differences in working styles.

George Gray kept the name 'Cinque Ports' and moved from 'The Mint' to a new premises at 'The Monastery'. He started to produce commercial and domestic wares that proved extremely popular with the public and kept him in business until moved on to pastures new in the 1980s. The pottery was taken over by Jim Elliot and continued to manufacturing pieces until its closure in 2007.