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Denby ‘Seville’ Design 2 Pint Stoneware Teapot

Denby ‘Seville’ Design 2 Pint Stoneware Teapot

SylvaC Anniversary Teapot in Pink No. 5449

SylvaC Anniversary Teapot in Pink No. 5449

Arthur Wood ‘Pearl’ Art Deco Stepped Teapot with Marbled Orange and Cream Glaze

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This is a stunning example of a classic Art Deco design produced by Arthur Wood and probably dating to the late 1930s.

The teapot has a galleried rim that sweeps down to meet the flattened discoid body. The latter has been moulded with a stepped effect, which is a classic Art Deco style. There is a short spout, which has a broad lower attachment with the body that sweeps up to the tip and is moulded with vertical ridges. The handle is attached on the opposite side to the spout. It is moulded with horizontal ribs to mimic the stepped appearance of the body.

The lid has a short galleried rim and a stepped upper portion; there is a central cylindrical knop that is depressed in the centre. There is a small hole off centre to allow for the escape of steam.

The body and lid are glazed in a marbled peach and cream glaze, over which has been applied some pale orange.

The underside of the teapot is impressed with the words ‘MADE IN ENGLAND 24 PEARL’ surrounding a central backstamp in black. This mark is of a stylised globe encircled by banners that read ‘QUALITY ARTHUR WOOD ENGLAND’. This mark was in use from 1934 to 1945, when the words ‘ROYAL BRADWELL’ were added.

It has a maximum height (including the lid) of approximately 11.0cm, with a diameter across the rim of about 9.9cm and across the base of about 10.1cm.

It is in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks.

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