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Czechoslovakian Blue Flash Glass Wine Decanter c.1930s

Czechoslovakian Blue Flash Glass Wine Decanter c.1930s

1950s Art Deco Style Liqueur Decanter and Four Glasses

1950s Art Deco Style Liqueur Decanter and Four Glasses

20th Century British Highly Cut Lead Crystal Square Spirit Decanter

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This is a high-quality cut lead crystal square spirit decanter, probably dating to the latter half of the 20th century but maker unknown.

The decanter is approximately square in section, with chamfered corners that are decorated with a pair of vertical wedge cuts. Each panel of the decanter has been cut with a design consisting of a large cross, the upper and lower limbs of which contain a seven-pointed fan. The diamond-shaped area flanking the cross contains a lattice of smaller crosses. The thickened base is star cut and unmarked.

The ‘shoulder’ is cut with two parallel lines running along each side. These are intersected by a further pair of cuts that run from the midpoint of each side creating a cut square at 45 degrees to the sides. The short neck is cut with a series of eight facets. The rim is everted with a galleried edge. The stopper is of mushroom form and is star cut in the centre.

It has a maximum height (including the stopper) of approximately 20.2cm, and a width across the base of about 9.8cm.

It is in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks.

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